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Are you ready to transform?

I have seen + experienced so much artistic limitlessness that I am here to offer you a fresh path to create dramatic art. 

What kind of path?


                                 An inspired path. 


From studying at a Russian theatre conservatory in Uzbekistan, to performing in three languages, to winning a Tashkent singing competition, to bringing my solo show to Broadway, I know the value of risk, from life to the stage. 

I wish a similar artistic liberation, autonomy + joy-in-the-process for every actor. May you reclaim the power of your individuality while contributing selflessly to the collective. May you regenerate your connection to your why - za chem - what for. May the launchpad to play be your unique self, your desires, and your toolkit of resources. 

Join me + open your eyes to your innate creative power. Turn down your brain. Trust your impulses. Lead with the wish. Be a fool. Reclaim your edge, from the stage to the screen. Create your routine. Jump on your soul's reverberations like a trampoline. (I have a an affinity for rhymes + alliterations...)

Let's create something from nothing, together. 

Are you ready to take the Leap from Actor to Artist?

   The ART of Articulation

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Theatrical Reel

The Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil in Tashkent, UZ


Omar Khayam / Yann Tiersen

The Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil with Akmal Rakhimov

The Wind

Director: Justine Poustchi 


Hi! Privet!

I am Sarah / Sera / Serochka (depending on where I am in the world). I respond to all of the above, as well as Miss Magoo. Welcome to my creative cosmos!!


Since I was a wee thing, I stood on any stage (coffee tables, balconies, tree houses) in Montreal, QC, Canada reciting soliloquies from Much Ado About Nothing. At age seven, my family moved to Olympia, WA, USA. I continued to perform in high school and college and carried my passion for storytelling to Edinburgh and Paris.


At 21, I landed on the black stools of Studio 7 at the renowned Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil School of Drama in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I completed the three-year Russian conservatory training (2009-2012) and went on to perform in five mainstage productions in the Ilkhom’s repertory in English, Russian and Uzbek. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington in Drama, with a Minor in Slavic Languages and Literatures. 

In 2013, I devised a solo performance alongside Andrew Tsao, associate professor at the UW School of Drama, exploring my time in Tashkent. After a sold-out run at the UW, I took my solo show, Точка и Вселенная  / Tochka i Vselennaya / The Point and the Universe back to the Ilkhom stage for the Festival of American Culture: Ilkhom East/West.


In typical Russian pedagogy, my teachers offered minimal praise and many critiques, but I persisted (chutzpah, eh) and landed a slot at the United Solo Theatre Festival on Broadway. In September 2014, I performed Tochka i Vselennaya on 42nd street. 

I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY with my Uzbek husband (and former classmate) Akmal. Our journey to the other was recently featured in The Guardian and on the Generation Immigrant Podcast Episode 13A Love Story. My article about the future of the Ilkhom Theatre recently appeared in The Calvert Journal. Akmal and I are currently developing Hamid Ismailov’s novel "The Devils’ Dance" into a play with an international ensemble.

  Join me, Under the Tashkent Moon ...  

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