Under the Tashkent Moon: Journeys to the Point and the Universe 

A tale of exotic travel, explosive art and star-crossed love...

Since childhood, Sarah yearned to be an actress. Despite performing many plays, she never found the quality of art that stirred her spirit. Upon watching a performance by the Ilkhom Theatre of Tashkent, Uzbekistan as a 19 year-old drama student in Seattle, she found what she always craved: a path to not simply becoming an actor, but a dramatic artist. Before her mind interfered, she launched herself into the unknown. And she did it alone. 

Once in Tashkent, Sarah experienced increasing levels of loneliness: as an actor on a bare stage; as a Western woman in an Eastern, ex-Soviet, culture; as an English speaker in a place where almost no one spoke English. One December sunset, her life flipped. A young Uzbek with a smoldering gaze handed her a chocolate ice cream cone. The language they shared was that of theatre school. 


From the streets of Tashkent to the Ilkhom Theatre, Sarah harnessed the sensibilities of the actor, the traveler, and the lover to guide her. Despite adversities, such as broken Soviet doorknobs, Russian consonants and the Uzbek militsiya, Sarah showed up at the theatre everyday. And everyday, she explored edges of herself. Sarah learned that between points of comfort and discomfort, certainty and uncertainty, fear and the capacity to commit to her dreams, were the most vibrant, generative spaces. It was in these spaces that she felt most alive. Under the Tashkent Moon: Journeys to the Point and the Universe chronicles her first year of study at the Ilkhom Theatre School of Drama’s three-year conservatory program.