C o ns o n a nts + v O w E l s

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Hello Creatives!

Today, I am simply planting seeds.

C o ns o n a nts in fact.

Consonant seeds mmm

Feel free to practice standing up or sitting down. But take note - what sensations arose in your body, your mind, your imagination? Was a gesture born? Did you feel an impulse or perhaps discovered a new way to articulate ch-sh-s ?

Be sure to let me know.

This is Part I

v O w E l s

Take TWO for Part II. 

Up above, I planted consonant seeds.

Now, sprouts of vowels are here to bloom. 

The progression reminds me of an exercise from the Ilkhom school: Leader. This exercise explored the evolution of the wish. It was especially tricky because as students, our wishes scared us. Not necessarily that they wouldn't come or that they weren't "interesting," but the full, fiery embodiment of a wish realizing its sacred form, that's what scared us. 

The honest exploration of a wish naturally gave birth to another wish. Then another. By cutting a wish short before its full development, we sabotaged the artistic process. 

“I am afraid of people because they do not feel me, but understand me.” – Vaslav Nijinsky

Don't try to understand the wish. Feel the wish. 

It was big and wild and weird.

In this series, I found myself unsure of where these vowels and consonants would take me. The funny birth of  shu-chu at the end surprised me. In Russian, shuchu means I am joking

Gibberish that finds language.

I am serious in my fun and joking in possibility. Where does the wish take you?

Vnimaniye - Nachali,


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